Study Chinese | There's An App For That: Driving In China

2. China Drive - Practice For Your Driving Theory

Now you've been in China for a whilst you may confirm you wish to daring the roads yourself and obtain a drivers license. If you have a unfamiliar permit the routine is flattering true deliver and only requires you receiving a theory test.

The theory assessment is done of around 1500 questions, out of that 100 are selected at pointless by P.C. and 90 of that must be scold to be able to pass! Studying often means sitting in the coffee emporium with a translated chronicle of the questions and only going at it until you obtain the most correct. It's boring, takes a long time and may be really frustrating.Thankfully Thinknao program have done a giveaway focus written to help you pass. All the probable questions are built (with the same comical spelling errors) and can possibly be complicated by division or as a incidentally generated test.

I wish we had had this app when we was study as it of course creates the entire routine a lot more fun than sitting with a book!

Download China Drive from iTunes .

3. China Vehicle Violation Lookup

This app does precisely what you regard it might. It allows you to looking your state and town then come in your permit number to see if you've amassed any fines.

The app is in Chinese that shouldn't be a complaint if you've been putting in service with ‘China Plates', but the on the whole user experience is a bit trashy with the town links only gap up a Flash jam-packed web-page asking for your permit number.

Not the most appropriate app in the world, but get's the work done.

Download China Vehicle Violation from iTunes

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