Study Chinese | First Aceh Scholarship Students From Indonesia Completed Summer Courses At NCKU

TAINAN, Taiwan--( BUSINESS WIRE )--The initial Aceh grant students from Indonesia have finished two to 3 weeks of rigorous Chinese module at Chinese Language Center, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Tainan, Taiwan, and gifted the abounding enlightenment and story of Taiwan.

In the shutting ceremony, the 29 Indonesian students have ready dance and singing performances to uncover their thankfulness toward the training staff and tyro hosts at NCKU Chinese Language Center and betrothed to advance back next summer.

During the three-week Chinese denunciation training, NCKU Chinese Language Center has organised 6 hours of denunciation doctrine bland to sight students' simple information skills. To enable students to rapidly adjust to their life in Taiwan and comprehend the enlightenment and etiquette of Taiwan, the Center has moreover orderly lectures that introduced the beauty of normal Chinese fine art and organised town debate is to students to suffer the chronological monuments and local cuisines.

The Aceh Government, Indonesia, has sealed Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Education, Taiwan, and commencement in the year 2011, the supervision will choose and allocate 50 government-supported students to advance to Taiwan to study.

NCKU Director Rong-Fu Wu of Chinese Language Center expressed, "In 2004, the domain of Aceh in Indonesia has gifted tsunami, heading to a great loss of talents. As the associate of the universal encampment in the 21st century, NCKU has the responsibility to uncover its concern. Therefore, when the Government in Indonesia got in hold with NCKU by the Office of Elite Study in Taiwan, the Chinese Language Center rapidly draft a plan, anticipating to support the Government of Indonesia in training the future talents of the country."

Director Rong-Fu Wu serve added, "This year, you have received really fervent reply from the Government of Indonesia and they have sent 29 students to NCKU to investigate Chinese. NCKU Chinese Language Center has moreover offering our most appropriate training expertise to the students, so they could adjust to Taiwan and comprehend Taiwan. We hope after the finishing of the program, the students can successfully full their studies in universities in Taiwan."

One of the Indonesia students revealed, "The teachers at NCKU Chinese Language Center were exceedingly dedicated. They have delicately guided us in essay our task and specifically organised one-on-one review everyday, so I began to have the bravery and certainty to verbalise Chinese in front of the teachers and classmates. The teachers even brought lemon tea to our dormitories to console students who were still study hard at midnight."

Another Indonesian tyro mentioned, "I really conclude the abounding courses and actions organised by the teachers at NCKU Chinese Language Center. People in Tainan are really type and friendly. I indeed suffer the ambience of mango ice and the ease of use of 7-11 available stores in Taiwan. NCKU is a of the tip universities in Taiwan, and people at NCKU are similar to a large family. I hope I can advance back next year to go on study Chinese."

This year, NCKU Chinese Language Center had 340 summer module students from more than 40 countries, 146 high college and university swap students from United States, Russia, Japan and Korea, and moreover 70 Chinese denunciation teachers from San Francisco, Houston, Chicago and Vancouver.

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