Learn Mandarin | Fluenz Version F2: Mandarin 1+2+3 (Win/Mac) With Software DVDs, Audio CDs, Podcasts, And Navigator. Learn Chinese With The Latest Upgrade.

The only interactive language program featuring real teachers who guide learners every step of the way, explaining in English the intricacies and shortcuts of Chinese. Ideal for those who thrive in a teacher-oriented learning environment, who need to understand how the language works in plain English, and who seek relevant Chinese they can actually use while in China.The team behind the application combines recent Harvard and Cornell graduates, some of whom went to China to learn the language and understand the specific challenges for English-speakers, seasoned Chinese teachers trained in the teaching of Mandarin to non-Chinese learners, and veterans of technology start-ups.Fluenz Mandarin 1+2+3 is composed of 75 full sessions that each include up to two hours and thirty minutes of training. Every session features a set of clear, common sense tools that progressively increase the learner's range of communication. Instead of endless expressions that follow simple present tense sentences

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