Learn Chinese | Many American Like To Learn Chinese By Watching TV

Recently, News Weekly reports that many American people similar to to pick up Chinese by examination TV.

In a scholarship novella TV the theater Firefly, China meet halfway with US in the future world. In this play, many Chinese difference are updated in to English dialogues. In the dialogues, there are assorted Chinese difference ranged from "talent" to "bad egg". This TV the theater has turn a prohibited BT downloading play.

Currently, the American film fans whose mom tongue is English frequently confer new Chinese difference that they find in TV the theater in online forums or talk rooms. Over there, they moreover swap what they have learned.

There even a few Chinese denunciation learners set up their own Chinese-learning website. James, a Chinese denunciation learner, put the Chinese difference that show up in the TV the theater on his website by episode, and evident with Chinese Pingyin and English explanation. James moreover collects the Chinese difference that he has seen on the tag or skirt and he has listened in the TV play. He sorts these difference and outlines if it is made easy Chinese characters or normal Chinese characters and if it is Chinese mandarin or Chinese dialect.

Susan, a Britain denunciation expert, mentioned that the many engaging thing is the Chinese that haven't been translated and explained in the play. Currently, Susan together with other people is co-writing a book about the use of Chinese in this play. She said, "The fool around Firefly shows the future that is Chinese and English world. Chinese is a type of prestigious mainstream language. Although there are Chinese dialogues that have not interpretation and explanation, this TV fool around successfully brings onward the future's possibility, and it moreover brings onward dare to the audiences who usually know English."

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