Easy to Learn Mandarin Chinese in 30 days of Day 1:what's the key?

Day1:what's the key that to learn Mandarin Chinese?

The most important key is "Radical"
Radical is very very important for learning chinese to foreigners,you can look up a character under its radical. If you to know radical that can get twice the result with half the effort.

Step by Step to know radical 
Radical is a complicated character than other language like English,Spanish etc. I would like to tell you another angle of easily learn chinese well. 
  1. What's the radical?
  2. How to recognize radical currently?
  3. How to Pronunciation of radical?
  4. How to writing radical? What's the writing radical skills?
  5. learn basic radical
  6. How to practice writing radical?
First,What's the radical? It likes Asia languages, a character to compose with less than one radial. How many radical in chinese? It's 216. Don't be afraid the numbers. I will tell you the skill that easy way to start.
Before we starting, let me tell something about strokes. Radical is classify by strokes. Example:

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